Kennesaw Kennel Club Membership Renewal

Single Membership: $20.00 Anyone over 18 years of age is considered a single membership.

Family Membership: $35.00  A family membership consists of a husband and wife.

Junior Membership: There is no charge for a junior membership; however, there are no voting privileges. A junior is any person under 18 years of age. 

Lifetime Membership: Anyone having a continuous membership without lapsing for 25 years.

Membership may be renewed online via PayPal or via regular mail.

To renew by mail:

Please make checks payable to: KENNESAW KENNEL CLUB, INC.  Send your check to: Kennesaw Kennel Club, Inc., c/o Marilynn Lockhart, Treasurer, P. O. Box 445, Waleska, GA – 30183-0445.  You may also remit your dues to the Treasurer at any regular club meeting. Complete this Renewal Form and include it with your payment. Lifetime members, please fill in and return for roster information.

To renew by PayPal:

Complete the online form below.  Then add either a single membership or family membership to your shopping cart below.